Fixing Usability Problems Early – the Cost of Delay

    20th March 2018

    In 1996 Prasad published data from the automotive industry (see graph), showing that the costs of fixing mistakes grows relentlessly as you get closer to market. This relationship has been found in other industries too, including manufacturing, banking and transport. There’s no reason to think that medical devices is any different in this regard. And […]

    Determining a device’s potential use errors, a mini-series. Part 5 (final): Designing the uFMEA and how to populate it, a brief introduction

    12th March 2018

      Medical Device Usability has decided to post a mini-series in relation to understanding different areas of research that feed in to the ‘risk management file’ or the usability failure modes and effects analysis (uFMEA). In the fifth and final instalment of this mini-series, we will discuss the concept of a ‘uFMEA’ – the most […]

    Successful Audit

    3rd March 2018

    MDU have just received confirmation of a successful audit from one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. I imagine many companies dread it when their clients ask if they can come and audit them! MDU look on Client Audits as a time to focus the business.  Audits give us confidence that we are working to […]

    Early and late stage formatives – what to do?

    1st February 2018

    I often get asked ‘when should we do a formative study’? Should we wait until we have got the product designed? Can we use a prototype for the study? Can we get away without doing any formatives – and just go straight to the validation stage? All seem to be grappling with one central question […]

    Autoinjectors – answering some fundamental questions

    24th January 2018

    Should autoinjectors be large or small? Wide or narrow? What about colour? Medtech Innovation recently published a review article by me, describing some of the human factors work we have been doing to address some of these key questions. The research was funded by us as a contribution to the developing science of human factors. […]

    MDU are moving

    19th December 2017

    I am delighted to announce that MDU are moving onto the World-renowned Cambridge Science Park. Due to our growth, and our growing status as one of the world’s leading specialist consultancies, the time is right for us to take our place among the other major research organisations. We are moving over the Christmas break into […]