Pre-validation checklist

15th May 2017

We often get asked how to tell if a medical device is ready to put into a human factors validation study. Validation is a critical step. You only want to do it once, and you don’t want there to be any nasty surprises. Especially if you have submitted your validation protocol for FDA comments. So, […]

Influenza study confirmed

10th May 2017

The word “influenza” is never very far from the health news headlines and Medical Device Usability has just been asked to carry out a summative study on an influenza testing device. Study paperwork is currently being prepared for submission for ethics approval and the recruitment process will start once agreement has been received. The venue […]

Surgical Device tested in Leeds

8th May 2017

A team from Medical Device Usability arrived at the simulation centre at St James’s Hospital, Leeds on Monday 24th April, to make preparations ahead of a two-day formative study. Ultimately, the medical device being tested will be used in open and laparoscopic surgery. So, the two user groups taking part in the study were Operating […]