MDU research study accepted by AHFE

22nd June 2017

Delighted to have just got confirmation that our paper on usability outcomes will be published in the July American Human Factors and Ergonomics conference proceedings. The study is a culmination of almost 2 years of work, funded by ourselves. It involves a meta analysis of over 200 usability evaluation sessions, and looked at the relationship […]

Recruitment – how hard can it be?

19th June 2017

FACT: There are more than 320 million people in the US. MDU gets a call …..…… “can you find the following, three groups of 18 participants for a study?” Well that sounds quite easy, 54 out of 320 million. So we wait for the brief ……….. THE BRIEF ARRIVES: We get told we need three […]

Sharps prevention devices – simulated use testing

2nd June 2017

All new prefilled syringes are being developed with integrated sharps prevention features, typically a retracting needle that engages once the user has fully depressed the plunger. FDA guidance on sharps prevention features from 2005 asks manufacturers to conduct simulated use testing to show that the intended users can use the feature. The guidance recommends testing […]

Busy month of May

1st June 2017

The month of May seems to have flown past. The office has been busy with preparations for future studies and final report writing for completed studies. A formative study report for diabetic research carried out in the first week of May was sent to our client a fortnight ago and another report for a surgical […]