CIEHF Annual Conference (2017); ‘an insight into patient usability preferences for injection devices as presented by Natalie Shortt’

PUBLISHED 3rd April 2017

The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors is hosting its annual conference 25th-27th April (See Medical Device Usability will be presenting their findings on patient preferences into the user-interface of injection devices on Tuesday 25th April at 11:30.The talk will describe the process undertaken to conduct the research and then analyse the results from an Ergonomic perspective.

Usability testing of medical devices is a relatively young field, and the research necessary to ‘fine tune’ the system has not been conducted. This is often due to limited time and/or funds. This is made more complicated by the wide variety of medical devices, users, use environments, etc. but research can be done where specifics are isolated. The specifics of this study were the device and the user; Injection devices used for self-injection and the lay-person. The use environment was not considered. The study seeks to advance the theoretical knowledge of usability of injection devices when the intended user is the patient. The study had two research aims:

  • “To understand why patients prefer the design features that they do”

  • “To determine if participant’s preferences were driven by the same motivations”

To those ends, the study was designed to intentionally collect data to allow for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

An abstract can be read at and you can catch the presentation at the EHF2017, we hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd!