EMA relocation will not affect CE marking

PUBLISHED 4th August 2017

The BBC story on Monday 31 July 2017, Race to host EU agencies relocated from London (http://bbc.in/2tQePsU), was an interesting read. Of particular interest for Medical Device Usability is to see where the European Medicines Agency (EMA), currently based in Canary Wharf (London), will end up being based with reports of a possible 21 states competing for the privilege.

This proposed move by EMA and the European Banking Authority (EBA) has all come about due to the exit of the UK from the European Union in 2019. However, even when the UK does leave the EU the UK will still be a signatory to the CE marking provisions, so this means that the UK will remain a great place to do usability testing for CE marking purposes.

We also know that the MHRA have taken a lead in Europe on Human Factors with their recent draft guidance. So again, the UK will remain the best place in Europe for Human Factors work on medical devices.