MDU research study accepted by AHFE

PUBLISHED 22nd June 2017

Delighted to have just got confirmation that our paper on usability outcomes will be published in the July American Human Factors and Ergonomics conference proceedings. The study is a culmination of almost 2 years of work, funded by ourselves. It involves a meta analysis of over 200 usability evaluation sessions, and looked at the relationship between observed task outcomes and subjective self-assessment of ease of use. We looked at the objective measure of task completion, and compared it with Likert scale data for the same device, same task and same participant. In other words we were able to compare objective and subjective measures of usability. I think that this is the first time this type of analysis will have been published, so we are all very excited.

Because we are independent of any design house, and we test right across a huge range of device types, we are uniquely placed to be able to gather such data. All of the data we analysed was done with the permission of the client involved, but of course we cannot reveal any names.

However, it will be a major addition to the small but growing pool of published data on the science of Usability, and a great example of the high quality of work that we do.