Recruitment – how hard can it be?

PUBLISHED 19th June 2017

FACT: There are more than 320 million people in the US.
MDU gets a call …..…… “can you find the following, three groups of 18 participants for a study?”
Well that sounds quite easy, 54 out of 320 million.
So we wait for the brief ………..
THE BRIEF ARRIVES: We get told we need three groups of participants made up of Patients, Caregivers and HCPs.
Criteria to take into account for the three groups are:
• Patients to be 70% male
• Aged between 30 and 55 years of age
• 10% must be left handed
• A red-green colour-blind HCP
• Patients to have a diagnosis of XXX and bring a letter confirming this to the session
• Must not have used one particular AI
• All participants must be able to attend one 60-minute session and one 90-minute session exactly two weeks apart.
So, this is where the MDU Logistics Team place a call to their tried and trusted US recruiter. A company we have used for the last 7 years and who have never let us down.
THE RESULT: We need to go to three locations over a four week period, to interview using a pre-agreed Recruitment Screener to a flexible schedule to ensure we capture the participants we need. During the second two weeks we return to the same three locations to interview each participant for their second interview.
The MDU Logistics Team ensure that NO participants will be included that we have used before for this client as one of the venues we are attending is one that we have used before.
MDU can also rest assured that any no-shows and cancellations are immediately replaced so that the required quota is filled.
Flights and hotels are booked and we are ready to go.