Usability testing of intermittent-use catheter systems

PUBLISHED 13th April 2017

Two teams have just returned to the office from a three-day study in Stockport, testing the usability of a new intermittent-use catheter system.

Three user groups were recruited for the study, namely Healthcare Professionals, lay caregivers and patients. The patient participants received 1-1 training with a nurse at least 24 hours before the research session. In total, 15 participants were interviewed with each interview taking up to 90 minutes. On the first two days the interviews went on into the evening to accommodate those HCPs who were at work during the day.

The report is currently being prepared for our client ahead of their submission for a CE marking in the not-too-distant future.

Whilst the two teams were busy in the north-west of England, preparations have been going on for a study testing a state-of-the-art medical device which could revolutionise surgery. This study will take place at St James’s Hospital in Leeds shortly after Easter. Planning and recruitment is also well under way for a study involving diabetic patients scheduled for the first week of May.