Dentistry is continually changing and improving and Medical Device Usability can offer comprehensive human factors studies for dental devices

In the field of dental healthcare there is a need for effectiveness, safety and comfort for both dental professionals and patients. Medical Device Usability can offer human factors studies to help test multiple aspects of the usability of a new dental device.

Simulated use sessions set in a realistic setting give dental professionals and patients the opportunity to use the device and data can be gathered by both direct observation and by feedback from the study participants.

Medical Device Usability can collect data examining whether the device delivers the precise information the dental professional wants and they expect and need from such a device.

We can also explore the ergonomics of the device to inform the design and development early on so the final product is as good as it can be.

Comprehensive Human Factors Studies

  • Experience of usability testing with dental devices
  • Realistic settings for simulated use sessions
  • Explore ergonomics from dental professional and patient perspectives
  • Staff with experience of working in the field of dentistry