Digital devices are becoming more prevalent in healthcare, from simple apps on mobile devices through to complex user interfaces on medical devices.

Digital Devices

The common theme is that the user is making decisions that may have safety impacts on patients. This is where human factor comes in; we can help you to verify the design of the interface, for example by testing understanding of the icons, images, menu structures and visual aids on screen.

We can also ‘road test’ your app by distributing it to selected users for a period of field testing, then gather feedback directly by using questionnaires and more comprehensive feedback too.

Or you may need to test that users can safely and effectively use an interface on a device in complex environments such as operating rooms, emergency rooms or intensive care scenarios.

Again, we can run simulated use studies that place your user interface in the right context and gather high quality usability data by direct observation.

Experienced, trusted and innovative

  • Experienced with usability testing of GUIs and apps
  • Road test your app with users
  • Gather rapid feedback in a cost-effective way
  • Explore iconography, graphical imagery and navigation.


Early phase testing enhances product design – early testing with users gives vital early indications of potential usability problems, and can also yield real insights into how to optimize the design. Even if you have a very early ‘wire frames’, or a functioning prototype, in our experience you can uncover real insights by testing early.

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