Our Research

We are committed to the development of usability testing of medical technology as a scientific discipline, and also fund our own research.

Our staff regularly contribute articles to national and international human factors publications across the globe as well as speaking at conferences and events to share their findings. To read recent papers that have been published please click on the following links:

Because of the in-depth knowledge we have developed we often get asked to teach others. Sorry, but we prefer to stick to research rather than teaching.

    An Insight into Patient Usability Preferences for Injection Devices

    17th May 2017

    A synopsis of a recent MDU research paper, Natalie Shortt, Medical Device Usability Ltd. May 17th 2017   Introduction Mainstream administration of injected medication has been practiced near a century, as the anniversary of the invention of insulin as medicine draws near (discovered 1921). The design of the syringe and the injection devices that have […]

    Actual v simulated use in human factors testing of medical devices

    25th November 2014

    Simulated use human factors testing is an established requirement for many types of medical technologies, in particular those devices that are used in higher risk scenarios such as operating rooms and intensive care units. However, a recent trend is for manufacturers to be asked by the regulators to provide human factors data based on actual […]

    Human Factors & Combination Products

    15th September 2014

    INTRODUCTION Manufacturers of combination products are increasingly being asked by regulators to perform human factors (HF) testing alongside the clinical trials program. This comes as a surprise to many pharmaceutical companies, in particular those who are developing their first combination product. As an active HF practitioner who works with combination products globally, I see first-hand […]