We have our own state-of-the-art onsite usability test facilities at the head office in Cambridge UK

We offer HD audio and video recording capabilities, live streaming and flexible layouts to ensure the optimal research experience. The observation suite provides a comfortable observation room as well as a well-equipped breakout area.

Our aim is to provide the best experience whilst a device is being researched or evaluated so that the best quality data is gathered.

The office is convenient for clients and participants traveling by road, rail or air from across the UK and further afield.

We also have connections worldwide to arrange suitable study venues, providing a good location and for being able to recruit the people required to take part in the study.

Medical Device Testing Facilities

International Venues and Testing

We work for a wide range of clients across the world, all needing specific study requirements, and can arrange suitable venues to meet the standards expected of both clients and participants alike.  We take the worry out of finding the most appropriate venues as well as recruiting the right participants for the study.

Medical Device Usability will act as the main point of liaison between the venue and recruiters before, during and after the study to ensure it’s smooth running. All data collected in the course of the study is transmitted, transported and stored securely.

We have worked extensively in the USA, Europe and Australia and can arrange and conduct studies worldwide through our partners, including countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, Japan, South Africa and Canada.

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